In Search of the Mysterious Dark Matter

Astronomers and cosmologists have long shadow fight 2 hack hypothesized the existence of dark matter to explain the discrepancies in measurement of the mass of very large objects such as galaxies and the universe when measured by moviestarplanet hack dynamical and general relativistic covet fashion hack means and when measured based on the mass of the luminous matter contained blitz brigade hack tool in these objects.

And that’s about all they can figure out. The rest is somewhere between difficult and impossible to determine or even agree on. However, candy crush saga hack a recent paper explores the possibilities of detecting dark matter in neutron stars.

In “Can Neutron Stars Constrain Dark Matter?” (Phys. Rev. D 82), Chris Kouvaris and Peter Tinyakov explain that neutron starts capture WIMPs (weakly interacting candy crush saga hacks dark matter particles) better than other stars do, even better than white dwarf stars do. This is because of the strong gravitational field that neutron stars have. After the WIMPs have been captured, they sink to the center of the neutron star and destroy normal matter, which makes the star hotter. Kouvaris and Tinyakov think that it might be possible to measure 8 ball pool hack this heat increase in certain old neutron stars, which would help in studying dark matter.

Unfortunately, the key word here is “possible.” The process is both slow (though not terribly so in astronomical candy crush saga terms) and slows down even more when the star heats up, since matter that is already hot resists further heating. In addition, there are also other ways that stars can heat up. While these line cookie run hack apk other ways can be eliminated for particular stars, that still narrows the field moviestarplanet hack free of candidates for examination considerably. The huge amount of data coming from the Hadron Field Collider should be helpful in this respect, but it takes quite a while to go through that data and extract useful nuggets.

In the end, the sample stars have to be old enough that the dark matter interaction can have gone on long enough to make an appreciable difference, far away 8 ball pool hack cheats from normal matter that none will be falling in to affect the heat noticeably, and with a regular emissions pattern signifying the stability of the magnetic field, which also changes the temperature. There aren’t many shadow fight 2 hack tool stars left to look at with those criteria, but further work is likely to be fruitful, at least to some extent.

Kouvaris and Tinyakov tried to find potential neutron stars from observations that had already been logged. However, they came up with two examples that might be used. One is 140 parsecs from Earth, not where one might expect to find dark matter, and it’s dead trigger 2 hack too hot for the expected concentration of dark matter in that area. The other was closer to Earth and cooler that the first example, but it was still too hot.

No matter how one looks at it, it is going to be tough to find neutron stars to prove the existence of dark matter and to study said dark matter. deer hunter 2014 hack There are many other factors that need to be examined before further work can be done even with just the two examples that Kouvaris and Tinyakov found.

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